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Sue Henderson with new friend hiking in AZ

Encouraging you to get outside and move :)

Encouraging you to get outside and move :)

Being outdoors and getting exercise is good for your health

Hello everyone! This is Sue Henderson, owner of Connecting Hearts Home Care. One of my favorite activities is hiking. I was recently able to travel to Arizona and go hiking with my husband.

In the photo above I am with a new friend and fellow hiker at the top of Camelback Mountain near Phoenix, AZ. It was quite a challenging climb with lots of rocks and boulders. I feel very fortunate to have been able to do it. Below is a video “hello” from my hike.

I encourage you all to find outdoor activities that you enjoy and do them as often as you can. It is healing to be outside.

Help your loved ones to get outside as well. And in times when they cannot go outdoors, take advantage of the many nature channels that are available on YouTube and bring the sounds and images of birds and water to them.

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