Companion Care – Kentucky

Companion Care - Kentucky

“The best care comes from the heart.”

“The best care comes from the heart.”

At Connecting Hearts Home Care we understand that every family and situation is different. During our free assessment we will offer you recommendations but the plan of in home companion care services you choose is tailored to fit you and your family’s individual needs. We focus on giving the elder community in the Northern Kentucky area the quality care they deserve.

The health of our clients comes first, we encourage and support seniors to be active, stay hydrated, eat healthy, and remain engaged in life and connected with family!

Caregiver with hand over hand of senior client with smiley face on open-face sandwich

Hourly Personal Care Services

If your loved one is having difficulty managing the everyday tasks of personal care, then hourly care may be the solution. Our minimum hourly service is for four hours per visit.

Standard hourly services:

Cooking and light housekeeping

Transportation to appointments and social activities

Assistance with personal hygiene (bathing, grooming and getting dressed)

Companionship and exercise

Medication reminders

Grocery shopping and running errands

Assistance with walking

We provide support at home for:



Cardiac & stroke care (including COPD)

Parkinson’s disease


Multiple Sclerosis



Impairment due to stroke or injury

Caregiver combing hair for senior

Personal Care Services can include:

Help with Grooming, Bathing and Dressing

Sometimes if we are depressed, or struggling with illness, the will to attend to personal grooming as we normally would may decrease. Arthritis, disability, and other conditions may also make it difficult to maneuver, so we have trouble performing the tasks that make us feel confident about how we appear.

A friend or relative may be able to help comb a loved one's hair, cut their nails, or assist with bathing or showering, but the demands on their time may make it difficult to do this daily. Our knowledgeable caregivers can provide in home personal care services, including assistance with all of these aspects of care, in a discreet and relaxing way. They will set each person at ease, while helping them to feel their best.

Supporting Proper Nutrition and Hydration

Staying Hydrated

As you will come to know, our owner Sue Henderson's mantra is, "Drink more water!" This is the first thing that we encourage for all of our clients. Many seniors (and other adults as well) are chronically dehydrated and don't realize it. Proper hydration can drastically improve health.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy can be a challenge as seniors begin to have more difficulty cooking for themselves. Our caregivers can help with cooking and encourage each individual to stick to the type of foods that are best for them, while avoiding the temptation to have lots of sweets, or other foods that can affect their well-being.

Regular, healthy meals are important to combat illness, maintain energy, improve brain function, and support all the systems in the body. Beyond cooking, our caregivers can also assist clients who can no longer eat independently.

If a client wishes to prepare their own meals, but needs assistance with planning and shopping, our Professional Home Care Assistants can help. Our meal plans can match the recommendations of your nutritionist or physician.

Companionship at Mealtimes

We recognize that the social aspect of mealtimes is critical. As a part of companion care, our caregivers can share meals with their clients. Each meal with one of our Connecting Hearts team is a relaxing event, providing a time for human connection and building the client-caregiver relationship.

Home Health Care

Connecting Hearts does not provide any medical services, but we can help with the coordination of services and make provider recommendations.

Medication Reminders

Our home health companions can gently remind adults to take approved supplements and medication. We cannot give medication, but can help with opening the containers. Many adults take several medications at different times, and we can help clients to keep track of what they're taking every day.

Scheduling Alternative Therapies

Often people do not realize how helpful massage, reiki, or even acupuncture can be for a senior's health. Many of these therapies are great for helping a person to feel more relaxed as well as for managing pain, avoiding the need for excessive medication. We have a list of trusted providers that we can recommend to our clients and their families if they are interested in exploring alternative therapies.

Companion Care Means Being There

There is more to our personal care services than just taking care of tasks. An essential part of companion care is the emotional connection that grows between the client and the caregiver. We encourage our caregivers to have fun with their clients and initiate activities that they can enjoy together.

Transportation Services

Incidental transportation services help our clients to participate in the activities that they find interesting. As people age, if they don't stay active in activities outside of their home, they can sometimes feel a little isolated. In fact, this can happen at any age, and people need to maintain an active social life. This enhances their wellness in every way.

Connecting Hearts caregivers can drive clients to the barber, or to a spa to receive a foot massage. If they're invited to a birthday party, we will help them to get there safely, and ensure that they return home in a comfortable manner. Being out in nature at the river or a park can help to calm the mind, and we can facilitate trips to such serene outdoor settings.

Assistance with Shopping & Errands

Our professionalism is displayed in every service we provide. When we assist with important errands for our clients, we pay attention to the details, helping to prevent errors on the part of any individual involved in a transaction.

We keep accurate records, and keep confidential information private. All documents that are briefly entrusted to our care are handled with discretion. When we pick up prescriptions, we check that we've received the right medication, in the correct quantity.

In home caregivers can complete errands alone, but clients who have sufficient mobility are welcome. This is an opportunity to exercise, and interact with people in a different setting. Our professional caregivers can provide mobility support and facilitate interactions with key personnel, while clients conduct their business.

Laundry and Housekeeping

Companion care can include help at home with laundry. Many individuals will want to stick to their regular laundry routine, and do things on their own, but some aspects, such as prolonged ironing, may be too demanding because of an illness. We can help our clients to fold and iron clothing. We can also assist in organizing their laundry in a way that makes it easier for them to access whatever they need.

Many adults like to do their own housekeeping but require a little assistance. We can help with tasks that create a clean, welcoming environment for each person. Discuss your needs with us, and we will develop a comprehensive plan that achieves your goals.