Locally owned in-home care agency serving seniors in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati Area

Locally owned in-home care agency serving seniors in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati Area

Locally owned in-home care agency serving seniors in Northern KY and the Cincinnati Area

The Right Way to Age at Home

The Right Way to Age at Home

In Home Care Services Kentucky

In Home Care Services - Kentucky

Need someone to check on your loved one in a care facility? We are deemed essential. Call us today.

Home Care Assistance

Are you looking for in home care services in northern Kentucky or Cincinnati? Our team of professionally trained caregivers can provide meal preparation, help with housework and bathing, transportation to appointments, companionship, and more.

Safety During COVID-19

The CDC is recommending that older adults stay safe in their homes as much as possible. Having in home care is a great solution. We have a protocol in place that keeps each of our clients safe with their assigned caregiver(s).

How we're different

We believe in an approach to care that looks at the whole person. Good nutrition, hydration, regular physical and social activities, and alternative therapies can enhance the lives of seniors. Let us work with you to create a custom plan for your parent.

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Case Study #1

Doreen* was recently released from the hospital. Her family was not able to be there to help bring her home. Our case manager was there to make sure that Doreen's health was correctly recorded at discharge and then got her settled at home with the help she needed. (*name and details altered for privacy)

Case Study #2

Charlie* has been a favorite of his caregiving team. He looks forward to the meals they prepare as well as to excursions to the store and drives to the country. To meet his team and hear how they work together with the Connecting Hearts office staff to provide in home care, check out the video above. (*name altered for privacy)


Connecting Hearts has been caring for my mom for over a year now. The quality of the staff and the customer service has been outstanding. Sue and her team always go out of their way to meet the needs of their clients. As a next of kin that lives out of state, it is a blessing to know that the kind people at Connecting Hearts are looking after my mom. I would definitely recommend their services to those seeking in-home care for their loved ones.

— Jennifer D. (Google review)

Connecting Hearts is a godsend! When my mother became too frail to live by herself we moved her in with us. The dependable and compassionate caregivers provided excellent care and companionship. We were able to go to work without worrying because she was in good hands with Connecting Hearts.

— Diane H. (Google review)

All in Home Care Services

Our in home care services in Kentucky help you to create a safe, independent environment for your loved one. If you are the primary source of care for an older relative, or any adult, their welfare is always your priority. We are a local provider of home care, and we are dedicated to the well being of each of our clients. We strive to help our seniors live balanced, healthy lives in their homes for as long as possible.

It may sometimes be difficult to consistently manage your caregiving priorities along with work, your children, and other responsibilities. We will develop a holistic plan of care that meets each person’s unique needs, helping them to maintain their independence, while providing the level of companionship and personal care that they wish to have.

In Home Care Around the Clock

If you wish, our team members can be with your loved one right though the day, providing 24 hour home care. You'll never have to worry about them being alone at night, or being injured as they attempt to handle tasks on their own during the day.

We will work in shifts to ensure that caring, holistic support is always near. If an individual only needs a caregiver for a few hours, we can also help, providing incidental transportation services, or help with errands, when our clients need it.

List of in home care services we provide:

  • Personal care services
  • Companion care
  • Medication reminders
  • Grocery shopping and running errands
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Assistance with personal hygiene (bathing, grooming and getting dressed)
  • Transportation to appointments and social activities
  • Companionship and exercise
  • Assistance with walking
  • Assistance with running errands
  • Prescription pick-up
  • Ride home after surgery
  • After surgery in home care
  • Respite care
  • In home dementia care
  • 24/7 care
  • Overnight care
  • Referrals for alternative therapies including geriatric massage and reiki energy healing and assistance getting to appointments

Personal Care Services Help Your Loved One to Feel Their Best

When we are depressed, or struggling with illness, the will to attend to personal grooming as we normally would may decrease. Arthritis, disability, and other conditions may also make it difficult to maneuver, so we cannot perform the tasks that make us feel confident about how we appear.

A friend or relative may sometimes comb a loved one's hair, cut their nails, or assist with bathing or showering, but demands on their time may make it difficult to do this daily. Our knowledgeable caregivers provide assistance with all of these aspects of care, in a discreet and relaxing environment. They help to set each person at ease, so your loved one can feel renewed in spirit, mind, and body.

Supporting Proper Nutrition and Hydration

As you will come to know, our owner Sue Henderson's mantra is, "Drink more water!" This is the first thing that we encourage for all of our clients. Many seniors (and other adults as well) are chronically dehydrated and don't realize it. Proper hydration can drastically improve health.

We encourage each individual to stick to the type of foods that are best for them, while avoiding the temptation to have sweets, a gluten-rich pastry, or other foods that can affect their well-being. We can also assist clients who can no longer eat independently.

If a client wishes to prepare their own meals, but needs assistance at specific points, our professional care assistants can help. We can also prepare meals if a client is unable to do so. Our meal plans can match the recommendations of your nutritionist or physician.

Regular, healthy meals are important to combat illness, maintain energy, improve brain function, and support all the systems in the body. We also recognize that the social aspect of mealtimes is critical. Each meal with our caregivers is a relaxing event, which provides for deep human emotional needs.

Our caregivers can gently remind adults to take approved supplements and medication. We cannot give medication, but can help with opening the containers. Many adults take several medications at different times, and we can help clients to keep track of what they're taking every day.

Scheduling Alternative Therapies

Often people do not realize how helpful massage, reiki, or even acupuncture can be for a senior's health. Many of these therapies are great for managing pain as well as helping a person to feel more relaxed and avoid the need for excessive medication. We have a list of trusted providers that we can recommend to our clients and their families if they are interested in exploring alternatives.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Companionship and Support

If your loved one is beginning to experience dementia, in home care can be a great option. Many people who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia can still live at home with some strategic support. Hiring an in home caregiver is a wonderful way to help them maintain their independence for as long as possible and also remain safe.

All human beings want the company of others, although the amount that we need varies. A senior with Alzheimer's or dementia may need home care assistance, including help with nutrition, and assistance with housework. Our caregivers know how to avoid being intrusive, giving introverted clients the room they need to thrive, while being there at mealtimes and other occasions when they appreciate interaction.

An adult with dementia who is more extroverted, may want conversation while they are cooking, crafting, or doing light gardening. We enjoy those times, providing support with some aspects of their favorite hobbies that a client can no longer handle on their own.

Respite Care and Short-Term Home Care Assistance

If you care for a spouse or another loved one, there are times you may need to take some time off via our respite care service. This allows you to properly care for yourself, so that the attention you give is of the highest quality. Our respite care can last a few hours, days, or weeks, so that you feel revitalized.

Some of our clients need help when they temporarily lose the full function of their arms or legs. We can give assistance to an adult who is recovering from a traffic accident, work-related injury, or trauma sustained during sporting activity.

We will encourage them to do physiotherapy exercises regularly. We can also gently remind then to take their medication. Our aides help to create the kind of encouraging environment that clients often need to push themselves to recover.

Transition to Home After Surgery

Seniors may require assistance after surgery; in home care can be a great option to help them transition as they return home from the hospital. Our professional assistants can help you to heal, by offering support with tasks that you may not be able to do. They can remain with your loved one full time, or offer assistance for a few hours a day on a regular basis, until a client fully recovers.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Staying active is incredibly important for people of any age. It keeps our muscles toned, and helps to eliminate toxins. Movement helps your loved one's heart to stay healthy, and increases their endorphin levels, so they feel energized and ready to embrace new adventures.

Our home assistants can help adults to walk around their garden, to a park, or to a community center. They are trained to lend support with mobility devices such as walkers when needed, so each client can maintain as much of their regular level of activity as they wish.

Exercise Programs for Seniors

Many of our older clients can participate fully in a regular program of exercise, and we work with a physical trainer who has developed workouts that improve flexibility, maintain muscle strength, and improve balance. If a senior has started to experience falls, regular exercise that improves their balance and strength in their calves and thighs, can help to decrease the risk of future incidents.

All of our exercise programs are designed by licensed physical therapist and certified personal trainer, Lizza McIntosh. Lizza also trains each of our caregivers, so they are properly equipped to demonstrate exercises, and guide each client who chooses a daily program of exercise. Clients also have the option to choose a one-on-one program of exercise with Lizza, herself.

Assistance with Errands

Our professionalism is displayed in every service we provide. When we assist with important errands for our clients, we pay attention to the details, helping to prevent errors on the part of any individual involved in a transaction.

We keep accurate records, and keep confidential information private. All documents that are briefly entrusted to our care are handled with discretion. When we pick up prescriptions, we check that we've received the right medication, in the correct quantity.

We can complete errands alone, but clients who have sufficient mobility are welcome. This is an opportunity to exercise, and interact with people in a different setting. Our professional caregivers can provide mobility support and facilitate interactions with key personnel, while clients conduct their business.

Transportation Services

Incidental transportation services help our clients to participate in the activities that they find interesting. As people age, if they don't stay active in activities outside of their home, they can sometimes feel a little isolated. In fact, this can happen at any age, and people need to maintain an active social life. This enhances their wellness in every way.

Connecting Hearts caregivers can drive clients to the barber, or to a spa to receive a foot massage. If they're invited to a birthday party, we will help them to get there safely, and ensure that they return home in a comfortable manner. Being out in nature at the river or a park can help to calm the mind, and we can facilitate trips to such serene outdoor settings.

Laundry and Housekeeping

Our home care aides can provide some assistance with laundry. Several individuals want to stick to their regular laundry routine, and do things on their own, but some aspects, such as prolonged ironing, may be too demanding because of an illness We can help our clients to fold and iron clothing. We will store their laundry in a way that makes it easier for them to access whatever they need.

Many adults will do housekeeping but require a little assistance. We can help with tasks that create a clean, welcoming environment for each person. Discuss your needs with us, and we will develop a holistic plan that achieves your goals.

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