Balanced Approach to Senior Home Care

Balanced Approach to Senior Home Care

What do we mean by balanced home care for seniors?

At Connecting Hearts we pay attention to all aspects of our clients’ health including nutrition, hydration, exercise, socialization, intellectual activities and emotional well-being.

How can this approach to care benefit you or your loved one?

Each type of care contributes towards the health of the mind, body and spirit of the individual. When multiple avenues of care are combined, then optimal health is experienced. People who live a healthy lifestyle sleep better, feel better and have a better outlook on life.

elderly man at home hugging dog
caregiver with elderly woman reading book

Look at the whole person—what are they missing?

At Connecting Hearts Home Care, we look at our clients’ overall health and try to understand what needs of each person might be going unmet.

For example, if a senior is feeling especially anxious, we can combine medical care, nutrition, exercise, and social interaction as well as an alternative form of health care like geriatric massage. Geriatric massage can increase circulation, improve muscle tone, decrease stress and improve sleep, among other benefits.

Are they feeling disconnected? We can help our seniors to stay involved in their communities and encourage them to contribute their skills and knowledge. This way their bodies, their minds and their spirits will experience more connection and they will feel more at peace.

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Emotional health contributes to physical health

We are more than just our bodies. Human beings are filled with emotions and these emotions affect us biologically. Emotions are directly connected to physical health.

Increasingly, doctors ask questions regarding stress, depression and relationship issues when they conduct a wellness exam. Emotional stress has direct effects on the body like: obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems and asthma.

Drink lots of water - droplet with glass of water
As you get to know us, you’ll realize our mantra is, “Drink more water!”

Our Philosophy

Stay Hydrated—Stay Active—Stay Engaged!

Our mission is to embrace a balanced care approach to aging. We are committed to providing quality of care which enables one to live a happier life as they age-in-place.

Connecting Hearts Home Care is dedicated to offering quality home care for quality of life. We believe it’s never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle, and we’ve watched our clients improve or stabilize by staying hydrated, active and eating healthy.

NOTE: Dehydration is one of the most common issues we identify with our new clients. We know many seniors who struggled with frequent hospitalizations due to dehydration until they began drinking more water. (So, go drink a glass of water!)

How do we help our seniors manage their emotions and live healthy?

Doctors say it, coaches say it, just about every self-help book out there says it: holistic care needs to include the following:

1—Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise is how one can release/produce serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the body’s natural ‘happy chemical’. It stimulates energy, creativity, laughter, happiness, and much more.

Keeping the body strong enables a person to move with more ease and improves their balance.  Walking, leg lifts, yoga, and lifting light weights are wonderfully helpful when possible. Walking is the best and the easiest form of exercise. 

Learn more about our Physical Activity Program.


The body is over 70% water; water hydrates everything and keeps the body healthy just like it keeps a plant healthy.

Coffee, sugary drinks, soft drinks, etc… all of these things dehydrate the body. Yet 90% of our society is primarily consuming these drinks without properly re-hydrating the body with water. For example, coffee often will make one urinate, but that is because it is pushing the water out of the body (hence, dehydrating).

3—Nutrition: Yummy & Healthy Food

Good food helps the body fight off infection, both from bacteria and virally.

Healthy food can be DELICIOUS!! The key is preparing meals from whole foods, not from packages. For example, using real potatoes instead of boxed, instant potatoes. Or quality whole grain bread vs. white bread (which acts like paste in the intestinal tract).

There is still room for dessert! Just have a proper meal first. And eliminate 60% of junk food.  Junk food is not a meal, it is an occasional, light snack.

4—Socializing with Family & Friends

Connecting with other people or pets also promotes happiness and well being. Those who feel ‘alone’ are more likely to suffer from depression.

Regular family visits and/or meals together with others are highly favored. If visits are not possible, phone calls and video calls with family can substitute as a way to interact.

Regular activities shared with friends boost serotonin as well.

Elderly couple walking in park

5—Intellectual Activities

It is common that as people age they watch more and more television. TV can be an informative, healthy and fun activity in moderation, but not when it becomes the primary activity of one’s daily life.

Try to incorporate activities like cooking, playing games, doing puzzles, creating art, or reading. We can help to facilitate your favorite hobbies!

Intellectual activities help memory, are fun, encourage a sense of fulfillment and reduce stress.

6—Having a Purpose

Seniors have value and they need to feel valued. They have a wealth of wisdom collected throughout their lives. They still need to have purpose. Seniors are great advisors, problem solvers, recipe and craft experts and so much more. They are prime teachers, especially for their grandchildren. Find ways for them to contribute to those around them.

7—Alternative Medicine (optional)

At Connecting Hearts Home Care we have a list of preferred care providers that we can recommend if you would like to try alternative medicine and homeopathic options. These can include methods like reiki, geriatric massage, and acupuncture.

Elderly woman painting flowers on a canvas
Sue Henderson sitting on a rock with sunshine and mountain
Our owner, Sue Henderson, on a hiking trip

As you can see, when we care for all aspects of a person, the emotional body of the person is healthier, the physical body is healthier, the mental body is healthier, and, for those of you who are spiritual, the spirit is healthier. This is our balanced approach to senior home care.

Will balanced home care improve my health?

Will your health improve with balanced care? YES! You may not recover from diabetes or dementia, but you will most likely see noticeable improvement in the overall quality of your life.

As a person ages, their body will be naturally slowing down in some respects. However, the quality of their life will be drastically improved when attention is paid to all of the areas listed above. Happiness is often highly overrated, but greater happiness is what is ultimately achieved when the whole person is treated.

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