In Home Care – Edgewood, KY

In Home Care - Edgewood, KY

The Best Care Comes from the Heart

Providing in home care to Edgewood, KY seniors.

The Best Care Comes from the Heart

Providing in home care to Edgewood, KY seniors.

A Team You Can Trust

We are family owned and have been serving you, our neighbors in Edgewood, Crestview Hills, Erlanger, Elsmere and Lakeside Park, KY, for over 20 years. Connecting Hearts owner, Sue Henderson, is a former nurse. She cares deeply that our NKY seniors have the opportunity to age happily in their own homes for as long as possible. Our team of caregivers have been there for hundreds of seniors in NKY.

Sue Henderson “Our balanced approach focuses on the whole person, their nutritional, physical and emotional needs. We realize that aging adults are rich in experience and abilities no matter what age, and they have a lot to offer us.”

~ Sue Henderson, owner & former nurse

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Home Care Services in Edgewood, KY (Crestview Hills, Erlanger, Elsmere, Lakeside Park)

Are you looking for help so that your loved one can enjoy life in their own home longer? We can be here when you cannot. Our team of caregivers are available 24/7 to assist your loved one with their personal care needs.

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Our professional care assistants can help with transportation to appointments and activities, light house-keeping, bathing and dressing, and cooking. We want to be there to assist NKY seniors with their day to day needs.

We will check on them as well as alert you if a problem or issue arises.

A Recent Home Care Story

John* called us, worried about his mom, Emily. She had been calling him in the middle of the night, multiple times, confused and worried. He lives hundreds of miles away and was unable to travel to check on her because of Covid. Our case manager immediately set up a Zoom meeting for John, Emily and our care team so that she could get to know us and feel safe with us.

Initially we arranged for a caregiver to be with Emily 3 hours a day for 3 days a week. Soon we realized that she had not been eating or drinking water (forgetting to hydrate is common among seniors). She also seemed to be having trouble tracking her medications. We scheduled another Zoom meeting with John and then increased care to 12-hour days. Her Connecting Hearts caregiver now provides 3 healthy meals a day, helps her track her medications, and brings some much needed companionship. Our caregiver discovered that Emily enjoys art, so she started bringing small craft projects that they could work on together as well.

John is relieved and has been so thankful to know that she is safe and healthy. He has since been able to fly out to visit her. (*name and details altered for privacy)

Reviews from Clients

Connecting Hearts has been a life saver for our family. The care has been excellent. Our 97 year old mother has received the kindest, most gentle and patient care Imaginable. Any time I view the care from our video monitor I am amazed with how our caregiver (I won’t say her name because we want to keep her all to ourselves!) is with our mother.

— Cathy S. (Google review)

Connecting Hearts has been caring for my mom for over a year now. The quality of the staff and the customer service has been outstanding. Sue and her team always go out of their way to meet the needs of their clients. As a next of kin that lives out of state, it is a blessing to know that the kind people at Connecting Hearts are looking after my mom. I would definitely recommend their services to those seeking in-home care for their loved ones.

— Jennifer D. (Google review)

Connecting Hearts is a godsend! When my mother became too frail to live by herself we moved her in with us. The dependable and compassionate caregivers provided excellent care and companionship. We were able to go to work without worrying because she was in good hands with Connecting Hearts.

— Diane H. (Google review)

How we work with you

Are you looking for in home care near Lakeside Park, Elsmere, Erlanger, Crestview Hills or Edgewood, KY? Contact us today to set up a free in-home assessment. We can assess your loved one specific situation and then come up with a personalized plan for them.

Physical activity program

We encourage our seniors to stay active. To help, we've partnered with certified personal trainer and licensed physical therapist, Lizza McIntosh, to develop a program of exercise for seniors. Learn more...

Staying connected

We know that staying connected and active is important to both our physical and emotional health. Our team can help your loved one with a personalized exercise program as well as facilitate favorite activities to keep them engaged.

Our Balanced Care Approach

At Connecting Hearts Home Care we approach elder care in a new way. Our care managers look at the whole person. We encourage regular physical and social activities, good nutrition, and paying attention to hydration. We believe that the addition of alternative therapies can enhance the lives of our seniors. Read more about our balanced home care

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More questions about Connecting Hearts?

For more answers to your questions, visit the FAQ section on our Services page.