Locally owned in-home care agency serving seniors in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati Area

Locally owned in-home care agency serving seniors in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati Area

Locally owned in-home care agency serving seniors in Northern KY and the Cincinnati Area

The Right Way to Age at Home

The Right Way to Age at Home

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care at Home

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care at Home

Our Balanced Care Approach

A new journey of life begins when your loved one is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Families are faced with difficult decisions and the challenges of care can become very stressful.

We understand the importance of knowing the needs of your loved one at this stage of their life. We recognize that “who they are now” and “who they’ve been” impacts how they act, talk and remember. Our trained professional caregivers ease the burden of dementia care at home and improve quality of life for the whole family. That is why our Balanced Care Approach works.

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Our goal is helping seniors in our community to remain in their homes as long as possible, even if they are experiencing dementia. Home is where they share memories of family and friends. Remaining at home can support those memories. Healthy aging at home gives our clients a positive outlook and emotional balance while meeting their everyday needs.

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Our Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Plan

We understand the importance of a daily routine, a healthy diet, exercise and mental engagement. We also realize that the abilities of your love one will change over time as their Alzheimer’s or dementia progresses. Our goal is to be flexible and adapt to their daily routine, providing additional in home dementia care assistance as needed.

Personalized In Home Dementia Care


We consider each person’s likes, dislikes, strengths, abilities and interests.


With an experienced caregiving team, we are able to offer the love and support your senior loved one needs. We work together on a plan to achieve their well-being. 

Best Times

What time of day do they function best?

Sleep Schedule

What time do they usually wake up and go to bed?


Hobbies? Music?

Diet / Nutrition

What is their diet like?

Activity Level

How active are they?

Matching Clients with Caregivers

Once we’ve gotten to know your loved one, we will select the most compatible, professional in home caregivers on our team to work with them.

No one likes the disruption of having an unfamiliar person in their personal space—especially when that person is helping with personal care. This is especially difficult for people experiencing Alzheimer’s/dementia. For that reason we strive to have minimal changes in caregivers for each senior.

We Value Consistent Schedules

We strive to set a consistent schedule for your loved one and their caregiver(s). This consistency helps to nurture the caregiver-client relationship and builds trust, providing peace of mind to your family and loved one.

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Keeping Your Loved One with Dementia at Home

A person in the early stages of dementia will often function fairly well in their own home with a little support. Problems can arise when they are moved into an unfamiliar environment or memory care facility because they are no longer able to rely on their motor memory/automatic thinking scripts (for instance, the steps to making a cup of coffee, or taking a shower).

Consider the option of in home Alzheimer’s/dementia care assistance with Connecting Hearts Home Care. Our care team can provide help with the activities of daily living as well as monitor the level at which your loved one is functioning. As their dementia progresses we can provide additional support and keep you informed.

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