Hospital to Home Care

Transition to Home Program

Transition to Home Program

Making the steps of going home from the hospital easier

Recovering from surgery or a hospital stay can take some time, particularly for seniors. Not only are aging bodies slower to mend, but combined with diminished mobility and numerous directions for medications, physical activities, follow-up appointments, and nutritional constraints, there is a lot to track. Hospital to home care can make all the difference in your loved one’s recovery.

Woman being discharged from hospital

After a long hospital stay our loved one looks forward to returning home and going back to their daily routine. It’s hard to realize that recovery has not ended simply because you are home.

Connecting Hearts Transition to Home Program can make the steps of going home from the hospital easier. We coordinate with healthcare institutions to reduce the risk of re-admittance and make the process of going home organized, helping your loved one to recover more quickly.

Woman being discharged from hospital

Why choose us?

Our hospital transitional care services can be customized to the unique needs of your loved one.

Plan of Care

Prior to being discharged, a plan for your loved one's recovery will be developed with the support of hospital staff and family.

Discharge Coordination and Execution

We are there to support and communicate with families, seniors and hospital staff so everyone is clear.

Medication Reminders

We actively work with you and your loved one to make sure they are taking their medication as directed.

Follow-up Physician Visits

We help clients arrange and attend appointments, making sure none are missed.

Nutrition Management

Our trained caregivers can assist with meal planning, shopping and meal preparation to ensure that they are eating healthy and stay hydrated.

Monitoring Warning Signs

Our caregivers are trained to watch for warning signs during home recovery, and will notify family immediately.

Record Keeping

Daily notes of progress are kept to share with medical providers and family members in order to optimize their recovery care and monitor warning signs.

Non-medical Home Care Services

Our non-medical home care services are tailored to meet your individual needs. This allows you to have peace of mind and more balance in your life.

Do you or a loved one need transitional care services?

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